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The Beginning Edit

In the beginning of Plainsville (show) one of the main characters (Marcus) introduces us and explains the history of the island that just randomly appeared one day, that all intelligent people decided to stay put, while nearby stupid residents were sent to the island,

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"All of the intelligent people decided to stay put, where as all the stupid residents of nearby city's where as all of the stupid residents of nearby citys were sent to the island".

were Plainsville was created, and it was stated that the intelligent people stated they would come back, but they didn't, and that after this there are no women involved, and explains that 5 brilliant men crafted the city, and they wrote the spirit of Plainsvilleian's, and foretold that 5 brilliant boys would uncover the spirit of plainsville.

Meeting Johnny Edit

Marcus was talking to the group, Daniel, Kevin, and Mike, eventually when talking to his friends about finding the true spirit, Daniel mentions his plan won't work, because of the fact that they only 4 people, and not 5, then they continue with their daily routine. After The Intro, Marcus, and his mother encounter someone at the door, a homeless boy named Johnny, when he is invited to live with them, Marcus soon realise's that there are 5 now, and calls the group.