"You're fat, and no one likes you".
- Daniel, Plainsville Episode 1: Flight Attendant

You're fat, and no one likes you.
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 Daniel is one of the main characters in the show, Plainsville.
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Friends: Kevin,Marcus,Mike,Johnny
Enemies: Baby Legs Johnny only in Episode 4
Relatives: his Mother
First Appearance: "Flight Attendant"


Daniel has long, Reddish-Brown hair, wears a green shirt and has freckles. He also has a bit of red under his eye. He looks somewhat similar to Marcus. Daniel can be a mean sometimes for example he told Marcus that he is fat and that no one likes him. he is the 2nd member of the 5. He was thought to be mean in the early episodes but later he told Johnny that the reason he was acting spiteful was because Johnny seemed too nice and was afraid that they would become close friends. in episode 7 he had a better attitude.